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At Concrete Lines, we have everything you need when it comes to skateboard/longboard gear! Whether you're after a new skateboard deck, want to spoil yourself with a whole new longboard set up or to top up your wardrobe with clothing and shoes from cool skateboard brands, it's all here.

Give us a call 07 5536 2677 if you need a hand to choose the right parts for the perfect set up or have any questions.

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Seismic Tekton Bearings

More than two years in development, Seismic Tekton™ bearings feature wide, flat contact surfaces at the ends of integrated, custom-machined half-spacers. The broad flanges square up, co-align and self-stabilize inside your wheels – correcting for flaws in bearing seat levelness, bearing seat spacing, axle diameter and axle straightness.

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Sector 9 Downhill Division Helmets

You asked for them so we got them in. The Sector 9 Downhill division Helmets. Made by Predator except ours are cooler. Here is what Sector 9 has to say about them.

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