Ash Wilcomes - "Etnies Shoes are the best!"

Ash Wilcomes + Etnies!

We’ve been sponsoring Ash Wilcomes for a few years now and we just can’t believe how he’s progressed in that time!

Ash Wilcomes - Elanora (Gold Coast)
Ash Wilcomes – Elanora (Gold Coast)

He’s only 11 and has already conquered Elanora bowl and Coomera vert ramp to name a few!

“When I land a trick I have been working on for so long
it feels like I want to just learn more tricks straight away!” – Ash Wilcomes

Etnies Shoes have been the first brand to notice Ash.  He’s been wearing Etnies for almost a year now and is stocked on how long they last!

“Before Etnies, I would go through a pair of shoes every fortnight if I skated every day. Etnies Shoes last twice as long if not more! They are the best shoes I’ve had!” – Ash Wilcomes

Ash Wilcomes - "Etnies Shoes are the best!"
Ash Wilcomes – “Etnies Shoes are the best!”

Keep your eyes and ears opened for this guy…  With the Mega Ranch Camp in October and Camp Woodward in the pipeline, he is sure to become a well known name in years to come!

“There’s nothing I know that is as good as leaving the
coping, making a big air and coming out of it with so much
speed!” – Ash Wilcomes

See what Ash is up to on Instagram! @ashwilcomes


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