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Powell Peralta Kevin Reimer Carbon Samurai Deck

Powell Peralta Kevin Reimer Carbon Samurai Deck

Price: $399.99

The Samurai is a pure bred race and freeride board developed by 2009, 2010, and 2014 Downhill World Champion Kevin Reimer. The goal of the Samurai is simple: to be the fastest and easiest to ride downhill board available today. The Samurai has a 3/8 inch drop that will hold you in place for sliding, drifting, or freeriding and also features a flat-topped W concave that is meant to be subtle enough to not effect pushing, but noticeable enough to hold your foot on toeside corners and slides.

Many of todays downhill and freeride boards have intense concave that hurts your feet and in fact hinders your skating, and the Samurai has the opposite of these extremes. The concave of the Samurai is more gentle and round than other concaves which allows for more foot contact with the board, meaning more grip, more control, and less feedback that can slow you down. The Samurai has been built with the least amount of material possible in order to keep the deck extremely light weight, and allow the use of large race wheels 75mm and above without wheel bite.


Ultra lightweight construction for quicker starts and response
Gentle radial concave, for more foot contact
Flat top W concave
Extremely stiff torsionally with gentle longitudinal flex
Integrated cast urethane bumpers
3/8 inch drop to glue your feet to the board while sliding, and lower your center of gravity
Race shape with wheel clearance for 75mm and up wheels
Carbonn Fibre
High strength epoxy glue
Super light, multi-species wooden core
Hard, cast polyurethane bumpers
Much love and sweat


Length 36.75" Width 10"

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