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Longboard Wheels

Rad Release x 3 Set Deal!

Rad Release x 3 Set Deal!

Price: $120.00   ($239.97  Save 50%)

Please specify which duro wheels you would like in the customer comments section of your order.

This high speed freeride longboard skateboard wheel features a larger than typical core that supports the urethane and helps to increase the roll speed. These two aspects combined result in a wheel with consistent slides, and a quicker acceleration coming out of slides.

The 72mm RAD Release come pre-broken-in to get you shredding immediately. Pick up a set of these rad wheels (pun intended) if you are looking for a freeride wheel that is quicker and smoother than the rest.


72mm RAD Wheels "Release" Wheels

Diameter - 72mm
Contact Patch - 42mm
Core Placement - Centerset
Lip Profile - Round
Durometer - 78a or 80a

This deal is for 3 sets of wheels!


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