Evolve x Caguama Wheels

Evolve x Caguama Wheels

It’s no secret that size matters (when it comes to wheels that is) which is the main reason why many swap their stock Evolve wheels for wheels with larger diameters such as Abec 11’s or Orangatangs. Size is imperative for higher roll speeds but there is one more crucial factor when it comes to getting the most speed out of your eboard and that is the properties of the urethane.

Urethane will affect a wheel’s performance far more than size ever will which is why aftermarket wheels are such a huge upgrade. The upgraded urethane offers more grip, speed and a softer ride which is what we are all chasing!

The two brands that come to mind when talking about upgrades are Orangatang with their 85mm Caguamas and Abec 11’s Flywheels (available in 83, 97 and 107) and, the reason they are both so popular is their incredibly high quality urethane. Both brands have roots in downhill racing where races can be won by fractions of a second so they know what they are talking about when it comes to speed and getting the most out of your setup!

Both brands utilise ‘rebound’ in their urethane which means the wheels do not absorb as much energy when riding, reducing the amount of speed lost. Their secret formulas have put them miles ahead of their competitors, literally!

Orangatang recently came out with a new durometer for their biggest wheel meaning a smoother ride and more grip!

Abec 11 have always been a staple when it comes to upgraded wheels, but with their super high rebound formula, they have to sacrifice a little bit of grip and that is where the Orangatang Caguamas come in. The Caguamas are 13mm wider which may not seem like much but trust me when I say it will change everything. The extra grip will make a huge difference when you are carving to the absolute max, giving you far more confidence to tear up the road.

When it comes to the difference between Abec 11’s and Orangatang’s urethane, Orangatang’s is far grippier, faster and longer lasting. However, they just don’t have the size that Abec 11 has. In saying that, the new Caguamas will be way faster than any stock Evolve wheels and the 83mm Abec 11 Flywheels.

The highlight of these wheels is their grip. The blue 77a Caguamas will be the grippiest aftermarket wheels you can get meaning no more slipping out during those high speed carves. As fast as these wheels are, they just can’t compete with the 107mm Abec 11 Super Flywheels. However, many find 107mm is just too big and if that’s the case for you, the Caguamas are perfect as they will be almost as fast but will be FAR grippier and will offer a faster acceleration!

To summarise, I would recommend the Orangatang Caguamas if you are after a longer lasting wheel that is as grippy as possible. The Caguama really digs in and hugs the pavement in a way the Abec 11s can’t compete with.

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