Landyacthz 2019 Dancers

Longboard dancing is a more relaxed and graceful yet incredibly skillful discipline of skating. Usually consisting of fluid cross-stepping and balancing tricks while carving on the board. These stepping tricks (comparable to mal surfing) are often called “flatland” tricks.

Dancing boards have a much larger standing platform than other longboards allowing you to dance and run around the board. Dancers move their weight around on their longboard in a way that looks stylish, fluid and technical while simultaneously pumping the board to roll further.

Dancing boards are usually very long (45″+) and wide (9″+) giving you all the playing room in the world. The larger the board, the harder it is going to be to step off while you are twirling around.

The wheelbase on dancers will always be very large due to the size of the decks so it is important to have some loose, carvy trucks to make sure the board is as nimble as possible. Keep in mind you can dance on smaller boards if you prefer but it will just be slightly less forgiving.

Dancing longboards are often very flat or have subtle concave to help you carve by increasing the leverage on the trucks. A little bit of concave can also help you locate yourself on the board when spinning and moving which is beneficial so you can watch where you are skating!

Too much concave is a problem as it can make the board steer too hard when you step near the rails of the board, which can get in the way of fluid and harmonious flatland carving.

Flex is another feature to consider when choosing a board as it changes carving, landing tricks and balancing. The more flex the smoother the ride and the softer landing trucks will be. However, too much flex can get a bit “bouncy” and potentially unstable. A stiffer board will be much stronger and stable but you will feel more bumps and landing tricks can be jarring on your feet. When it comes to choosing a flex it is more down to personal preference.

Landyachtz recently dropped their 2019 lineup and this year they went hard with the dancers! Now coming in two sizes 40”, 46” the “Stratus” is also available in two constructions: Maple and the fabled Hollowtech maple/fibreglass. On top of those options they also have different flexes meaning they have every base covered!

Landyachtz’s dancers have become a favourite in the dancing scene for their simple yet effective shape, practical kicks, lightweight construction, excellent flex (with options for heavier/lighter riders) and great price point! If you’re just starting out or prefer the feel of a maple deck, the regular construction will be excellent but if you want the board to be as light as possible to take your freestyle tricks to the next level the hollowtech construction is for you!

Whether you’re just after a deck or need a full set-up, we’ve got your covered! Check our full range of Landyachtz here.

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