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Lost x Carver Skateboards New Collaboration

Carver has brought out the heat for 2019 with the addition of 6 collaboration boards with world class Lost/Mayhem surfboards! All 6 of the shapes are completely unique to anything we have seen from Carver before so we are super excited to get these in the shop. With most of the decks taking inspiration from Lost/Mayhem shapes, there are a few very interesting ones!


The 28″ Beanbag

An extreme ‘small board’ concept, this super-wide, super-short ‘double-ender’ is meant to maximise the surface area for your feet, improving rail control on what would otherwise be a very small mini.



The 29.5″ RNF Retro

The RNF Retro is the latest iteration of Mayhem’s most classic model. Featuring a distinctive ‘double side cut’ outline, classic tint and custom logo, it’s like a vintage hot rod souped up with a modern motor. The best of both worlds and now, you can have your cool and rip it, too.


The 30″ V3 Rocket

The V3 Rocket is the triple-winged stepchild of the classic Mayhem Rocket, and is one of the recent surfing world’s more innovative and imitated designs. Wings are strategically placed to provide positive rear foot traction, while chasing pigeons off the promenade.



The 30.5″ Maysym

We’re not symmetrical, so why should our boards be? The Maysym is the answer to that simple question with different outlines on each side. Keep in mind the Maysym surfskate performs for both stances.


The 31″ Plank

Short ’n wide, for a quick pumping ride and plenty of glide. Designed for no toe drag, barefoot beer runs and grocery store rounds. Turn sharp and look sharp, while slashing sidewalks or pumping parks. ….Walk the Plank!



All these boards stand out a fair bit from the original Carvers mainly because of their edges and more nimble size. The sharp edges will provide far more grip and board feel when carving so you will never feel like you’re going to slip off. These new collab boards will definitely stand out while
you’re carving to the beach!

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