Paris V3 Trucks – New features

Paris spared no expense in the production of their V3. Inspired by the incredible progression longboarding has seen in recent years, they pushed the limits of their manufacturing process to deliver the most advanced cast longboard truck the world has ever seen.

The biggest upgrade is not a big fancy design feature (as they pretty much nailed the design with the V2s) but instead they perfected the quality of the actual metal. Produced using their new proprietary alloy-forming process, the Paris V3 utilises techniques derived from casting, forging and extrusion to create a molecular structure with strength far beyond any other cast truck on the market.

Their new manufacturing process also allows them to use a true T6 heat-treatment which provides even further strength and durability putting the V3 in a class of its own.

As far as shape changes, they broadened hanger shoulders, increased hanger barrel diameter, and reinforced baseplate support beam further increasing overall strength and integrity. These won’t change that classic Paris feel but will keep the truck charging for years.

Small upgrades to the urethane elements have been made to get the best response and rebound out of the new trucks. The Paris V3s are built with a redesigned top conical bushing and hand-poured urethane pivot cups providing an ultra-smooth turn and riding experience right off the shelf.

On top of the improved construction, Paris also recognised how many people like to ride split setups so they changed the 43° baseplate to match the height of the 50°, a small but great quality of life improvement!   

One thing Paris was always missing was a width for 9”-9.5” boards… The 150s were a bit narrow unless you were rocking race wheels and the 180s were too wide! To solve this, they have added a new size to the lineup: 165mm.


I personally believe this is the best all round width available and it’s what I’ve been riding in my Aeras for a few years now. I’ve found it’s the perfect balance between that surfy, slidy wide truck feel and the snappy, controlled narrow truck feel. If you have a board under 9.75”, I would definitely
recommend going with this middle size!

Paris already felt sick so it was a smart move not to radically redesigning the truck and to instead, perfect what they already had. Overall, the truck will be far stronger and more precise (meaning less slop and more stability) while still maintaining that surfy, flowy feel Paris are known for! With the added width option of 165mm, Paris really has every base covered so everyone will be satisfied!

Check out our full range of Paris V3 trucks here!

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