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Heelside Magazine #9


Not even cyclones and the hottest summer in 15 years can stop Heelside. Issue 09 is like heavenly aircon blowing cool freshness from every page.

It’s a little bit arty, and a big bit awesome!


Heelside Magazine #10


Hold this book in your hands like a dinner plate and lick it all up, every last bit of gravy. Meet Lord Gnar, share a pleasure with Ruby Rose, alter your outlook with Lukey Watt and lose yourself in all the cracks in between. It’s good.

It’s very bloody good.

Cover Illustration | Richard Andersen


Heelside Magazine #11


Newton’s Nation 2013 / 9 page special & Matt K’s shooting straight from the hip that will send tremors to you local hill. Whether it’s your first ride with Heelside or you been rollin with us from the start, seek and you shall find, fail and Lord Gnar will rip your face off!

Cover – James Kelly, Adam Persson, Louis Pilloni & Jackson Shapiera dropping into the Dipper @ Mt Panorama Photo | Tim Wright


Heelside Magazine #12


Issue 12

Global Lens Flare Digitally Remastered images have been submitted from the seven seas, page upon page that will dilate your pupils. Printed for the first time with a shiny high gloss finish for your visual feast.

Cover – Flavio Biehl clowning around with Tommy Franklin & Austin Moncrief Photo | Sefan Jose of Worx Studios

4word – Can you tell me what happened again?

Gromemite – 4 Aussie Groms who love to shred their Mite

Fresh Produce – Fresh fruit & veg for the hungry longboarder

Mumsy’s Meat Grinder – Winners are grinners and face grinders

Dr Spice – Does downhill give you wood?

My First Ride – Sharni Lee definitely has a nice bottom

Testing Precision – Api Ihaia from NZ gets the nitty gritty on the precision truck market

Global Lens Flare Digitally Remastered – The second HS pavement paparazzi photo annual featuring the work of – Jacob Lambert, Alysha Frizzell, Ashley Donaldson, Dan Sparagna, Axel Rivera, Blake Smith, Tim Wright, Jeff Budro, Kevin Hashimoto, Christopher Vanderyajt, Rafael Fazano, Cat Sweeney, Alec Austin, Gabriel Fauree lane, Barbara Britvin, Trent Hightower, Khaleeq Alfred, 1904, Matheus Navarro, Ben Westover, Luke Sorensen, Sefan Jose, Christian Rosillo Angel Ruiz (Tr3senlinea), Ole Boulon

Damron – Lambert gets the lowdown from a the top Californian shooter

Lord Gnar – Air Born, 66.6ft world record

Almabtrieb 2013 – Maga & Rob McWhinnie were there to catch the action

Rewind – Reviews from the Mad Mob

Whats Playing on Brian Bishop’s Ipod – Electric boogaloo

Be Aware – Nate Ryan’s worst ever crash with an Elk

Quivers – Gabe Gwyne’s traveling necessities

Sampology – Turning the tables with a visual twist

Keloid Scarring – Don’t google ‘keloid and a rubber band’

Dj Krush – Zen stealth master of break beats

High 5 – Jimmy Riha

World Champion Connor Ferguson – Gold Coast breeds another one

Yatedawg Yakka – #Itsallturningwheels

Poster – Double sided Calibre Truck Co / Loaded Longboards


Heelside Magazine #7


Check out what all the Pro’s are riding on…


Heelside Magazine #8


Issue 08 is a hybrid photo annual with all your favourite regulars still included and a big, juicy double sided poster, just how ya like it!


Heelside Magazine Christmas Special

$75.00 $60.00

6 Editions of Heelside Magazine for just $60.00.

This pack comes with the Issues #7, #8, #9, #10, #11 and the newsest #12!


Tracker – Forty Years of Skateboard History Hard Copy Book


In 1975, the Tracker Fultrack Truck, was the first in history made specifically for skateboarding by skateboarders to incorporate high quality, performance and strength.

The origin of Tracker Trucks dates back to 1974, when Tracker founders Larry Balma, Dave Dominy and Gary Dodds made the first prototypes. As Larry tells the story of Tracker’s formation at San Diego spots like La Costa, the Escondido Reservoir and the Kona Bowl, and about how the brand’s many innovative trucks and related products came to be, forty-four of Tracker’s top riders chime in with colourful recollections and revealing, behind-the-scenes insights. Rounding out this massive book are plenty of unpublished photos; a detailed skateboard history timeline; chapters on the Dogtown influence, Rockit Skateboards and Tracker’s other decks; a big scrapbook containing photos and quotes from the Tracker team; and way more.

“The Tracker book is so important because future generations will be able to learn about skateboarding history—who was involved with it, and how it all happened. It will blow their minds.”—Christian Hosoi

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