Powell Peralta Bones Brigade 15th Series Tommy Guerrero 9.75 Skateboard Deck



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***Please note the boards are arriving towards the end of May!***  Limit of one per person.

Powell Peralta – Tommy Guerrero Bones Brigade 15th Series 9.75″ Reissue Skateboard Deck

The Bones Brigade, aka the superhero team of skateboarding, featuring the legends themselves – Lance Mountain, Mike McGill, Tommy Guerrero, Steve Caballero, Tony Hawk, and Rodney Mullen – are back. Well, sort of. Their spirit is captured in 6 rad decks that are so iconic, even your grandma might ask for a kickflip tutorial.

Series 15 is a mixed coloured set. Three of the decks are stained (Mullen, Hawk and Guerrero) and three are opaque paint (Mountain, McGill and Caballero). Much like our Powell-Peralta Classic stained decks, opacity of the stain will vary. Each deck will be completely unique due to the staining process and the natural variance in wood grain in the veneer.

Tommy Guerrero is famous for his relaxed street skate style and powerful vert. Tommy had a successful pro career in the ’80s, ripping everything with his Bones Brigade teammates. Later in life he established Real Skateboards with Jim Thiebaud. Eventually Real became one of the most prominent street skate brands in the industry, it keeps this reputation to this day.

Aside from skateboarding, Tommy Guerrero has a fan base who listens to own music, consisting of jazz, alternative rock, downtempo and art rock!


Width: 9.75″
Length: 30.27″
Wheelbase: 15.38″
Nose: 3.84″
Tail: 6.05″
Shape: 233
Concave: SP3

Limited amounts for Steve, Tommy, Mike, Lance and Rodney of up to 3000 for each, and up to 6000 for Tony.

Each deck may not match image representation exactly.

Each deck has a sequentially numbered sticker and includes a postcard.