Powell Peralta Mike Frazier Yellow Man Reissue Green Stain 9.43 Skateboard Deck



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Get your hands on this wicked reissue deck, before it’s gone!

The Powell Peralta Mike Frazer Yellow Man Reissue features a classic and timeless graphic with a beautiful shape that new skaters will love and old skaters will fall in love with all over again!

This deck is a total blast from the past, featuring its original shape, top graphic logo and spoon nose concave. With a mould designed to give a great old school feel to Powell’s impressive reissue line up, this deck will have you feeling like your back in the ’80s again!


Width: 9.43″
Length: 32.12″
Wheelbase: 14″/14.62″
Nose: 6.68″/6.2″″
Tail: 6.3″
Shape: 303
Concave: K15