Prism Origin Core V2 34.7 Longboard Skateboard Deck



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The Origin is a reflection of our roots. It’s a board built for traditionalists with ½” of near radial concave and a symmetrical shape so you can approach the slopes regular or switch. The wheelbases are built out between 26”-28” for agility and speed.

Subtle cut-outs, flush mounts and generous wheel wells, help to accommodate larger wheels and lower degree trucks, while still feeling like a top-mount. The Origin has a simple radial concave with mellow W to lock in the feet keep the rider comfortable during longer rides!


Length: 34.7″
Width: 9.75″
Wheelbase: 26″ – 28″


Flex Level: Stiff
Plys: 9 Ply
Construction: Canadian Maple
Concave Style: Radial and W-Concave
Concave Depth: Medium

All v2 Core Series are built with a new layup 7 plies of maple, 2 sheets of prepreg fiberglass, and are laminated with epoxy