Sector 9 Jor Ros Noh Chop Hop 30.5 Cruiser Skateboard Deck



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The Sector 9 Jor Ros Noh Chop Hop 30.5″ Deck, is perfect for cruising or taking lines through the skatepark. A super comfortable shaped deck with a nice mellow tail and a little kick in the nose.

Jor Ros grew up moving back and forth between Mexico and the U.S. and would spend his free time making up characters and creating fictional universes through his drawings. Today, the Barcelona-based artist has developed a portfolio of digital illustrations that imagine the contemporary urban samurai warrior, borrowing the motifs and aesthetic hallmarks of traditional Japanese folklore and American cartoons through a warm, eye-grabbing palette. We’re stoked to introduce Jor as our latest featured Artist and bring some unique Far East style to Sector 9’s West Coast craftsmanship.


Length: 30.5”
Width: 8.625”
Wheelbase: 14.85”


7 Ply Maple
Wheel Wells/Flares
Double Kicks
Graphic Grip
Artwork by: Jor Ros