Venom Cannibal 76mm X 78a Longboard Skateboard Wheels



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Want to race in a IDF world cup with the grippiest and smoothest Venom Cannibal Wheel or just run solo and take on your local mountain pass.

Venom Cannibal Cobra Core Wheels 76mm 76a Longboard Wheels. The old Venom Cannibal got pimped with a new improved core. The 76mm CCC are faster and aggressively grippy than the 72mm offers a winning combination of durability, speed and super grip (especially with the 78a duro). More support, better roll speed, predictability more even wear, and super crisp hook up. The number one choice of Venom race team.

Faster and more aggressively grippy than its little brother, the 76mm Cannibal is the number one choice of the Venom race team. Whether you’re raging a big-ass mountain pass or going deep at a world cup race, the 76mm Cobra Core Cannibal has you covered when you need speed, grip and predictability.

Cobra Core Features:

Fiberglass Reinforced!!!
Wider contact patch
12x Stiffer
39mm Tall 43mm Wide
No Flex Zone (Patent Pending)
Many Swags


Diameter: 76mm
Width: 62mm
Contact Patch: 61mm
Durometer: 78a
Lip Profile: Sharp
Core Placement: Offset
Wheel Surface: Smooth