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Choosing a longboard for cruising can often be hard as there are so many different options to choose from, with each one having a very different feel while riding. The two main types are Drop Through and Top Mount.  Both will work for cruising but each has their pros and cons as listed below:

OBfive Dark Waters 38" Longboard
OBfive Dark Waters 38″ Longboard

Top Mount:

+Tighter turning radius

+Easier to turn

-Less stable at speed

-Can be prone to wheel bite

-Slightly hard to push as it is higher off the ground so not ideal for long distance


Landyachtz Drop Cat 38″ Illuminacion Complete

Drop Through:

+Very stable

+Very easy to push

+Can ride huge wheels without the risk of wheel bite

-Less responsive

-Harder to turn quickly




Top Mount boards are known for being very nimble and fast turning, perfect for dodging people on footpaths and turning really sharp corners at uni. Due to them turning faster than Drop Through boards, they tend to be a bit less stable (although stability comes down to the riders ability at the end of the day). So if you are planning on going faster and not turning as much, a Drop Through will be more fitting.

Drop Through boards are perfect for long commutes to work, bombing the occasional hill and for rides that will be straining on the legs. Drop Through boards are incredibly easy to push due to them being so close to the ground so for long distance, they are definitely the way to go (not saying it’s hard to push a Top Mount… it’s just easier with a Drop Through!).

To simplify it, I would recommend a Drop Through if you are travelling fairly long distances where sharp turning isn’t required or you have trouble balancing and pushing on a Top Mount.

A key thing to remember is that length will always make a huge impact on the riding. The longer the board, the larger the turning radius and the more stable it is and vice versa for smaller boards.

Also, remember that every board will do the same job, just differently. So don’t stress if you only have one option because it will still work! That is unless you want to get into downhill skating, read our next blog for more…

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